Frequently asked questions

General Questions

1. What is Tennis4All and how it works?

Tennis4all is a tennis community of players who like to play tennis for fun and exercise. Our tournaments base is Limassol. Players in tennis4all tournaments are amateurs and separated in 3 categories of strength: beginners, intermediate and experts (not professionals).

Players who are interested to participate just have to visit our website www.tennis4allcyprus.com, create a profile and register in any tournament and league they want. Once they pay the fee, they receive a confirmation email of their registration. When the draw is out the player receives a message with his opponent’s name, contact details and the deadline of their match. It’s the player’s responsibility to arrange the match within the deadline and inform the tournament’s supervisor for any issues.

Players are separated in 3 categories: beginners, intermediate and experts (not professionals). Based on those categories the relevant tournaments are taking place: Rookie100, INT250, ADV500, PRO1000 and ELITE1500. Tournaments are knock-out rounds and points allocation is based on ATP points system.
A player is set in a category, the first time he enters the tournament, based on how long he has been playing tennis and according to his/her estimations. Once the player receives ranking after the end of the first tournament the organisers can switch his category in order to have a better fit. Players with ranking can play:
1-4 can play only in ELITE1500
4-10 can play only in ELITE1500/PRO1000
11-20 can play in ELITE1500/PRO1000/ADV500
21-35 can play in ELITE1500/PRO1000/ADV500/INT250
36 and below in ROOKIE100 and any other category (as mentioned above)

“Leagues” is a group stage organisation. Players who are interested to play in Leagues are separated in Categories based on their level of game(Cat “A”, Cat “B” and Cat “C”). According to the number of players participating the relevant groups and categories are created. Once the draw is out players are informed on their group members and deadline and can play their matches in any turn. 2 to 4 first players of each group (depends on the participation) are qualified in the knock-out stage playing with the other qualifying players. At the end of the Leagues the Final of each category is set with the winner and finalist winning a trophy.

Once the draw of the tournament is out you will receive a message with your opponent’s name, contact details and deadline of the round. Each player has responsibility to contact his opponent and agree on the date, time and place to play the match. After the end of the match the winner has obligation to inform the tournament supervisor with a message about the score of the match.

Tennis4All does not provide courts to play your matches. Opponents are playing to any court of their choice as long as they both agree on it. Players with membership in a court have priority to play in their court instead of paying extra to play a match.

No extension is available if the deadline has been reached. Extension is only granted in case of extreme weather conditions, government’s covid-19 restrictions or organisers fault. You should try to arrange your match as soon as you find out your opponent to avoid reaching the deadline.

If a player didn’t play his/her match by the deadline is responsible to notify the tournament supervisor in due time. If there is reasonable cause he/she can get an extension otherwise if the match has not been played due to his/her fault, then the match goes to his/her opponent. If the two players did not play their match due to both players inability, then the tournament’s supervisor toss the coin to decide which player proceeds to the next round.

Make sure you have contacted your opponent as soon as you receive the message from the tournament supervisor. This way you will both have plenty of dates as a choice and you will not face many limitations. Remember both players are responsible to arrange a game so don’t wait for your opponent to make first contact. Nevertheless, if you contacted your opponent on time and didn’t find a matching date and time, inform the tournament supervisor immediately to involve and find common ground. In case you do not agree where to play, again inform the tournament supervisor immediately to resolve the issue. Be Careful! Staying last minute to inform the tournament supervisor about any disagreements may result loosing the match in cards.

You can participate as many times as you want but only in 2 categories each time! For example, you can play in all 4 tournaments’ organisations but in max 2 categories each time. In addition to the tournaments, you can also participate in the “leagues” organised once every 6 months, the 1-day tournament and the TOP16 finals, if you qualify.

Tournaments’ schedule:
1st tournament: February - April
2nd tournament: April - June
3rd tournament: June - September
4th tournament: September - November

leagues schedule:
1st league: February - June
2nd league: July - November

top16: November - December

Below you can see how much it costs to enter our tournaments:

- 1 Tournament / 1 Category €20
- 1 tournament / 2 Categories €30
- Leagues €20
- Top16 Finals €10
- 1 Day Tournament €20

Full Membership is suitable for players who will play throughout the year. It includes:

4 Tournaments (max 2 categories each time)
2 Leagues
Top16 Finals
50% discount in 1 Day Tournament

Full Membership costs only €100 for 1 year.

To make it easier for you we offer a variety of ways to pay your fees.

Bank of Cyprus deposit Acc No. 357021543018 (referencing your name)

Winners and Finalists of Tennis4All organisation win trophies and gifts in every tournament and League. Trophies and gifts value depends on the tournament/League.

Rankings are being published at the end of each tournament and are posted on our Facebook Page and website. Players points are allocated based on the ATP system of ranking.

Top16 Finals is the last tournament of the year. In this tournament only the first 16 players are allowed to play. In case that any player do not wish to participate then he/she is replaced by the next in line.

Our tournaments format is Best of 3. This means that in order for a player to win a match he/she has to win 2 sets. Each set finishes when a player wins 6 games and having minimum 2 games ahead of his/her opponent. If the set is in 5-5 then the set goes to 7 winning games to finish. If the set is 6-6 then then a tie brake up to 7 points decides who gets the set.